Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good Deals Galore!

So I headed down to Extra Virgin Pizza at United Square for this very interesting event. I had no idea what this "The Entertainer" app was about. I only knew that there was free pizza and seriously, who can say No to pizza? I know I can't! So I found myself sitting in the outlet, staring at the menu, wanting to order every single pizza on the menu. 


As always, the first choice was the Hawaiian. Actually what popped up first was the meatball pizza and I was torn between that and Hawaiian, but the Hawaiian was one of their best sellers so I guess I had to try it!

And because The Entertainer App allows users to get One Free of whatever they purchased, I bumped myself up and got a seafood pizza as well. 

As we waited for the pizza, the nice people from The Entertainer came over to share a little bit more about their app. (Oh yes, I forgot I was actually here to learn more about the app. I got distracted by the pizza.)

Although I'm not really one of those that uses many apps on my phone, I'm telling you, this The Entertainer App is really awesome, especially if you dine out a lot and you're always with a friend. And also if you are very auntie and want to get the Best Deals out of everything. You get to use the Buy One Get One Free promos on SO MANY different brands and outlets! 

It's not just limited to food promos. You can get classes, spa treatments, and even (Cue Shocker Music) TIMEZONE CREDITS!!! This app is a winner. 


Best part of all? There are no small prints and conditions like "you must purchase at least $xxx to qualify for this offer." It's Buy One Get One Free, no questions asked.

The Entertainer started in Dubai and was actually a book of coupons that you had to spend money to purchase. Of course, with that small amount you use to purchase the book, you earn back very quickly by simply using those coupons to get the Buy One Free One offers. This basically translates into 50% off whatever you can find in there. Sounds like a good deal, if you ask me! The best part is, they've now made it more convenient for users by putting it into an app!

Before we could go on any further, my pizza arrived, and the manager certainly put the "Extra" in Extra Virgin by giving me a complimentary Pizza to try!! (I guess I really do have "Pizza Lover" written all over my face...) He said that the Pistachio Pesto is TO DIE FOR and that I must try it for myself.  

And there I go. EVERYTHING ASIDE. It's Pizza Time! 

Check back in a couple of days to see how The Entertainer app has changed my life! Or if you just can't wait, find out more here

*psst* There's even a discount code! Just type in @joannemariesim to get 20% off!

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