Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Movie Review: The Lorax

Press play, and then, read on.

Dr Seuss has done it again.

He has mind-boggled us with funny rhymes, mysterious characters, vocabulary like biggerer, and fish that don't need water. No, really. The fish didn't need water! They could WALK!!!

It proved too much to bear for Nikki, who couldn't help but question why there was no back story for The Lorax, what about O'Hare? What was the story behind him? It seemed fragmented and at certain points, didn't really make much sense. (Yes, fish. that could walk. on their tails??!!!)

I must agree that it did seem a little that way. Kids who watch it may have a million and one questions after watching the movie. They may not quite understand certain parts of it; the happy song with the dark lyrics, the clap-along melodies with those cynical words. BUT.

BUT. I enjoyed the movie because of the simple lesson one can take home from it. I enjoyed it for how the modern day human's complacency was so aptly woven into the catchy numbers and storyline.

In fact, I also loved how this movie kind of takes you out of this world. Who said fish can't walk? Who said trees had to be green? Who said you had to colour INSIDE the box?

That's the thing. It breaks boundaries. It doesn't tell kids that you have to be like everybody else. It tells kids (or us adults) that anything is possible. Anything.

At the same time, it also tells the audience that while anything is possible, there also is a consequence for everything that you do. So watch what you do, and do it right.

Lovely. This is a movie that I really would recommend to parents, to bring their kids to, and to be reminded of the childhood that they had, rolling around in the grass and climbing trees.

Your kid really doesn't need an iPad. Let her grow a tree instead.

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