Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Response to: I’m a female driver so what? by A Juggling Mom

I read a very interesting blogpost from A Juggling Mom, and this is a topic which I touch upon ALOT in daily life. To be specific, whenever I'm on the road.

Yes, I know I'm one of the female species, and even though we are the superior gender, there are some things women should really stay away from, and one of that is: DRIVING.

While on the road, I've nearly been killed, more than once, by FEMALE DRIVERS. Now, I'm saying this because I believe that there is a difference between a rider and a driver.

I understand that when you are in a car, listening to music from your favourite radio station, and blasting the air-con like nobody's business, it's easy to get lost in your own world. I believe it's also very easy to be unaware of your surroundings. I'm not saying that ALL women drivers suck, but most times, when I see a car doing weird and silly things on the road, I try to save myself by getting out of the way. When overtaking, I usually take a quick glance to see who the fool behind the wheel is, and more often than not, a female driver.

Things female drivers have been guilty of doing:

1. No signal when changing lane. (Scared your nails break when you switch on signal?)

2. Cutting into my lane from the right side without slowing down. (Eh, I also pay road tax leh. I have every right to be on this road too.)

3. Reversing without checking to see if there's anyone behind. (Bike got no reverse gear!!!!)

4. NO situational awareness. (Really. What are you thinking about?)

5. Driving up a kerb. (Parking fail.)

6. Tailgating. (Why you follow so close? I brake how???)

7. Driving between two lanes. (Trying to follow the dotted line?)

And the list goes on...

Fellow women, I know that we are the better sex, and that those minion men just have to make way for us. But please also know that on the road, it's no longer about whether or not other road users are going to give way to you. Lives are at stake and if you are not sure, or not confident of driving, it's best that you stay away from going behind the wheel. It will be too late if because of your poor driving you cause the life of an innocent party.


Susan said...

Haha, guilty as charged!
Thanks for linking up!

Joanne-Marie said...

Susan! Funny, you. Stay OFF the road!!! :P