Monday, February 20, 2012, Limoncello, and my Valentine's Day Date!

Hello Everybody,

Here's a quick update and a BIG HUMONGOUS GIGANTUS MAMMOTHOMUS THANK YOU to ALL of YOU who bid for me in those 3 days that I was on

I never expected to do so well, and I'd just like to say that YOU, my readers, are very generous, and I'm proud that we all came together to do our bit for charity.

Collectively, we raised a total of $547.20 for the Spastic Children's Association of Singapore. Woohoo!

Here are some screen shots of the process.
For the longest time, I was worth 15 cents...

Hairen starting bidding early...

 His comments were hilarious.

All in all, it was an exciting night. My friends were giving me live updates and a running commentary. In fact, my LPP (aka LaoPoPo) was so caught up in it she nearly missed her train!

Hairen was facing strong competition from another bidder, phelanqny.

So after being embroiled in this bidding war with seemingly endless auto-bids for about 3 hours, it finally ended. I was SOLD. At a price way, WAY higher than I expected.
Like my self-proclaimed otaku friend said, "Never underestimate the power of otakudom."

Next up was the BIG DAY! I was looking forward to meeting my 'benefactor', and the winner of my auction. To express my gratitude, I decided to get my date a little gift.

That is my date, Yong Keong, and the stuffed doggie/fox I got for him.
Look at its BIG EYES! Uber cute.
It was the last one on the shelf, and reminded me of Richie. So I thought, it would make the perfect gift (considering I've never met Yong Keong before and wouldn't know what he'd like anyway). Hope he liked it!

I also used my favourite Facebook "LIKE" Glove to write a little thank you message.
This glove is representative of the start of my journey on TGIS and obviously, means a lot to me.
Secretly, I wished my bidder was a huge TGIS fan!


And of course, a lil' bag of chocolates for EVERYONE!

I rushed home after a long day's shoot, slipped on my favourite dress of the season, and rushed out to
Limoncello, The Restaurant of the Night.

Getting interviewed by for the vodcast...


We clinked glasses to celebrate the success of this charity drive, and I must say, it was a lovely night, coupled with great company and the exquisite meal.How exquisite? Check out CalvinTimo's post here. He's the food blogger with all the yummy photos. I eat only.

Turns out Liz, Calvin's date, knows a couple of my work buddies. She's such a laugh to be around and we had a ball of a time ATTACKING the dessert together.

We also took some really fun photos of me trying to rip the flesh off a giant bone. William Tan, send them to me soon ok!? :)

And then, we had the 'ceremony'.

This is where each and every one of us bloggers were presented with a

Certificate of Heroism!

This totally made my day.

Y'know I always wanna act hero one right.


And then, like that la.

For more, read the article right here.
Or catch the vodcast right here!

Thank you, Limoncello, and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this meaningful event! I'm sure this opens the doors to alot more change-making in the future!

This is Joanne-Marie, signing off! xoxoxx

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