Saturday, February 4, 2012

Post-production Blues

There's this thing called Post-Production Blues. It refers to the feeling of nothingness after a production ends. That's because theatre productions can be time consuming and after spending days and days in the theatre, you start to feel like

1. A vampire

2. You have no life

And when even that ends, there's this period of getting back into rhythm of your usual routine.

Taking a photo of my little corner.
BUT! I feel like I'm not even spared the luxury of enjoying those blues because I'm back to work tomorrow!!! Grrrr.

Worst part, after enduring endless days and sleepless nights, my body has finally decided enough is enough.

I think the cause of my downfall can be mainly attributed to the bad use of vocal chords. If you've heard me speak, you would realize that I have very poor voice projection. I've always known this, and I've tried many different types of ways and means to improve, but to no avail.

During rehearsals for this show, my fellow actors and director have been very helpful in giving tips on how to get my voice out, and I think it has worked to a certain extent, and I was careful in controlling my voice so I don't end up shouting.

However, during one show, the kids were so excited that I couldn't hear myself and ended up shouting instead of using my "Qi".

And I woke up the next day (today) with lumps on my tonsils. I have been told before, by a voice coach, that these are nodules. Sounds scary right? Well, scary not so, but very painful.

And now I'm running a fever on top of that. Got home, slept and now I'm goin back to bed for more.

I hope I get well by tomorrow for soccer!!!

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