Thursday, November 10, 2011


It's a FULL MOON! Let's Party!

Singha Beer will be having its 3rd installment of the famous/infamous Full Moon Party in Singapore on the 25th of November!

Join VJ Utt *drool*, who will be the host for the night, and lots of other cool, happening people (whatcha talkin' about? I'm Gonna Be There!) at Attica & Attica Too!

Now, we all know how long the queue can get at Attica... Keep your eyes peeled. I'm going to tell you how you can Beat The Queue.

The party starts at 9:30pm so c'mon over and get ready to party 'til you drop!

Now I know most of you like to be fashionably late. But here's ONE GOOD REASON why you shouldn't be.

Free Flow of the BEST BEER in town from 10pm - 11pm!

And here's ANOTHER GOOD REASON why you shouldn't miss this sacred hour.

International DJ Sophia Lin *drool again. I need a bucket!*, Former Resident DJ for Playboy Club Macau will be spinning from 10:30pm!

For those of you who prefer alternative ideas of fun, there will be Fire Breathers, the Singha Moon Brigade, The Partyman and lots, lots more!

So, hurry, RSVP early to get FREE ENTRY! Send your name, NRIC and mobile number to

And don't forget to LIKE Singha on Facebook!

This is what you can expect to see at the door of the party.

A super duper uber long queue. 

It is The Party Of The Year, after all...

Now, here's how You BEAT THE QUEUE, and get unto the VIP List!
(which means you can whizz your way past the commoners and straight into the party!)
Priority List Yo.

Post your most interesting comments on this post, and you'll get to be on my VIP Guest List!

What're you waiting for?! Join my friends and I! 
The Full Moon's here, and we'll party 'til we fly!

Joanne-Marie's VIP List Rocks.
 I have 10 slots to giveaway so c'mon! Blow me away with your Party Jingles! 
Don't forget to send me an email with your Name and Identity Digits (NRIC) as well!
Let's get this party on.


Anonymous said...

Yoz, Aloysius here, count me in plus 1 ,( =D

Anonymous said...

hello jessica here , i want in pls ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo!! .. can i b in ur VIP lists? .. Thk u!! ..

Anonymous said...

Hi jo!! .. can i b in ur VIP listd?! .. its been long i party!!! ... hehehe .. Thks!! huggybearRUDI .. =]