Friday, November 4, 2011

Canon Creative Filters

1. Toy Camera
This comes in 3 different modes: Standard, Warm, Cool.

It creates the impression that the image was shot using a toy camera! I know many people are into this toy camera thingie nowadays. I think the reason is because it just makes everything look so chic and artistic.

2. Monochrome
This comes in 3 different modes: B&W, Sepia, Blue.
Creates an artistic effect by giving images a single-colour look, with emphasis on contrast and grain. Personally, I think this looks great if you've got good lighting.

3. Miniature
Captures images in which people and objects appear to be toy-like. Focus will be on a certain axis, and the rest blurred out.

4. Fish-Eye
Gives images that "fish-eye" effect. If you don't know what that means... go and imagine you're a fish, and have a look at the world.

5. Super Vivid
Brings photos to life by increasing hue and saturation, which leaves colours far richer. Like POPPING OUT.

6. Poster
Adjusts colour and reduces contrast to give images a nostalgic, retro feel.

This camera also comes with a GPS function, so that according to one of our local beauty contest participants, "if I get lost, I can take it apart and use it to find some signal".

Stick around for more posts on the AMAZING FUNCTIONS on my Canon Powershot SX 230 HS!

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