Monday, October 24, 2011

Style, and my take on fashion that works!

What is YOUR STYLE???
I guess whatever your style is, it's important that it's yours and only yours. It's important to keep it relevant, but at the same time, if there's no sense of individuality, then it really isn't style. Well, that's what I percieve style to be anyway.
Being a bit of a chameleon myself, I never run away from some of the standard things that I always MUST have in my wardrobe, and one of those, of course, is a GOOD WATCH.

With Baby-G's awesome new collection, I can be sure that I stay in style all the time, everytime! And of course, I'm all for functional fashion. i.e, a ring that is also contains lip gloss, jeggings, oversized bags, rocking sunglasses. Thus, why would I say no to something that tells time, lights up whenever I need to find my seat in the cinema, and makes my wrist look gorgeous, all at once?

And given I'm granted one of those oh-so-pretty watches, here's what I'd do with it.
Given how hot our climate is, and how much time I spend in the sun on my bike, Black isn't exactly a colour to wear. (Absorbs heat) But pair a nice black cotton tee with shorts, and a sharp blazer to throw over when in air-conditioning, and I'm sure this outfit would see me through the day and into the night! Hard day at work? Impossible! This Baby-G Black Neon Illuminator Alarm Watch will only add to MORE FUN with its Neon Illuminator, an original visual effect using a combination of LED and special luminous ink.
 With all that crazy partying, head-banging and dancing in the rain, this Shock and Water Resistant Baby-G ain't gonna be doin' no cryin' in the rain! Time to go home? The 5 Independant Daily Alarms will make sure I don't miss a beat on this hard-knock life!
One of my favourite wardrobe items, The White Tee. I have tons of white statement tees in different cuts, sizes, fits and designs. That's coz there's nothing that quite makes a statement like a white statement tee does! Oh, of course, let's not forget its soulmate, the Baby-G Black World Time Watch that's got all those different neon coloured numbers. I absolutely love it! It tells time for 29 Time Zones (48 cities) so I know what time of day it is for my surf buddies all over the world! The Scratch Resistant Mineral Glass face makes it perfect for sandy beaches and just makes me want to head straight for the big blue ocean and surf the day away!
A classic look, Nautical, but with a tweak of mischief! Polka dots and stripes, heartshapes and bows, I know I'll never go wrong as long as I stay on the classic nautical colours, navy blue, white and red. Which is why this white Baby-G is perfect for this look. And guess what, if I decide to really go sailing, this 100-metre Water Resistant watch will see me through! Caught in a storm? Not too worry, because the Backlight Illuminator will brighten everything up!

So, What Is Your Style? And THE PERFECT BABY-G Watch for YOU?

 Do this little Quiz that I've specially created for all you very special readers out there, and find out!

So, what did you get?


Ginette Raneira said...

I got feminist.. ;P

Joanne-Marie said...

Wow I thought you'd get chi chi chic! Maybe a few years ago. Heehee. This quiz is quite accurate know? All the guys got The Androgyne!

jan said...

i got androgyne! :P

Joanne-Marie said...

Well y'know what they say, Jan, Androgynes look good in anything~ ;)