Friday, October 7, 2011

Movie Review: You Are The Apple Of My Eye

A vivacious story of youth, caught in that ever so precious time between childhood and dreams.

This film was beautifully shot, and has everything that I would ever want in a film. A great storyline, lifelike characters, unadulterated humour and lovely aesthetics. I am now convinced that Taiwan must be a very romantic place. I intended to go next weekend but I had to postpone my trip for something else~ (a bit sad because I had big plans for that one, but I think every opportunity that comes my way mustn't be missed and something greater may come out of it. So Taiwan, wait for me k!!!)

I appreciate the efforts made to make this film more than one that is purely for entertainment value (although it is indeed very entertaining). As opposed to the regular Hollywood romantic comedy, which mainly uses a lot of beautiful scenery, dreamlike grand gestures, and of course Over Gorgeous lead actors to instill the droplets of romance in your heart, this film's underrated and subtle approach made it ever more memorable and beautiful. In fact, it seemed like we were put in a time machine and warped back to the day where we didn't have handphones and computers and kids had to find their own ways of entertainment. And BOY, did they find their own ways!

This film follows the teenage years of Gen-Xers, who as we all know, came of age in an era of two-income families, rising divorce rates and a faltering economy. Many mothers went to work, spawning an age of “latch-key” children who are independant, self-sufficient (and self-entertaining) and displayed a casual disdain for authority. This is apparent in the film, and maybe that's why, as I stepped out of the cinema, I felt like I just woke up from a dream. BLAST TO THE PAST!~ I guess this movie hits closer to home, mainly also because it was SHOT closer to home.

The team went ahead and got some unconventional shots that will forever be embedded in my mind. (I'm not talking about the parts where our lead runs around butt-naked!)
What I'm talking about is the effective use of planimetric shots in the film (I googled this term!) which suggests a kind of childish simplicity, almost like this would be how the characters in the story itself would photographically remember that day.

I have not seen many Taiwanese films, but based on the very few that I have, I must say that their regular drama serials stand a far cry from the quality of their movies.

Great film and although it wasn't nominated for Best Cinematography or Best Picture in the Golden Horse awards, I hope that at least it'll walk away with the Best New Director, and I'm surely keeping my eyes wide open to see more films from this guy, δΉζŠŠεˆ€, soon!

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