Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adventure in Langkawi: Chapter ONE

So my first day to Langkawi and I shocked everyone at the airport with my huge-moungous luggage. (I have this army style black canvas bag that opens up really huge to fit all my shopping loot in whenever I travel.)

Due to poor planning and bad time management and of course the big P word (poop. No la, procrastination), I just dumped everything I had to bring into it; my Big Black Bag. Without doubt, I was dissed about it. "wah u goin for how many days?!! Wah u bring your whole wardrobe ah?! Wah so many costume changes?!'" Yes, yes and yes. What to do? If I'm going to be on camera I want to look good.

Anyway it turns out our camera crew was a one-man show. I felt so bad for him! He had to carry so many things all by himself! Don't play play k, camera equipment can be very heavy y'know.

Well, the plane ride was a bit of a pain in the ass. Had a stopover at Penang. Really... I don't understand why. Langkawi is just about a 1hr 25min nonstop flight away. Why, oh why, do we have to stopover? And for a good 40 minutes as well! Given I had a choice, this is how I would go.

But on a more serious note, Click Here to view the various ways you can get your ass to Langkawi.

The service on the Malaysian Airlines plane was pleasant nonetheless and the food was good. If only I had the chance to enjoy it!!! This kid sitting behind me kept kicking my chair!!!

Note to Parents with Young Children: Control Your Children! The general public should not have to pay the price of your child's lack of discipline.

This day was not going well.

"Well," says IvyG, "at least we have the spa to look forward to!"

Hmm. Spaaaaaaaaaaah.

To be continued...

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