Monday, August 15, 2011

Two Weeks is a Fortnight. A Fortnight has 14 days.

Day #01: The Late Night
Energy boost before I made my way to the final stop of the day, Cafe Le Caire!
Top from Bershka in Shanghai! Told you I had lotsa good buys!

They were celebrating their 10th Anniversary and had the road blocked off for their Party!
The "Live Entertainment" SHINE, most awesome band in Singapore! (Have you seen the sticker on the butt of my bike?)
Arman and Rudi getting into it... Check out Rudi's drums. Super cool. 

Day #02: The Early Morning

Having my break between shoot (also at Arab Street) for Go Out.
I should've just camped over at Arab Street. I took a cat nap right after this photo was shot and slept like a log.

Day #03: Caring is Sharing

See what my brother becomes after he gets a dose of Zesta...
Now I have trouble trying to convince him that he's NOT SUPERMAN...

Day #04: Never Too Old

A bunch of seniors for Ride Like The Wind. They range from their 40s to their late 70s! And still in wonderful shape! (I am ashamed.)
Day #05: Never Too Super
Test-trying out my new top from Starglace!
Blends in so well with the rest of my wardrobe! I love clothes like these!
What's this?
A Mysterious Bundle Bundled Up In A Bundle...
This calls for...

Day #06: The Day I Got Dressed
Caught a good show...
So that I could dress up!

Bunch of volunteers, all very kind, helpful and friendly. They really live up to the name of the Singapore Kindness Movement and SINGA the LION!!!
Psst. He's officially my favourite new friend!
(Photo from the Preliminary Rounds.)
Found an old friend!!! I'm smiling so happily and he's making a funny face...
Lenny, Lenny, Lenny.
Day #08: The Day I Got in Shape

Hit The Gym. Need to stay in shape for my crazy cycling training ahead!

Day #09: Old Friends Are Here To Stay

Found ANOTHER old friend!

Day #10: Work Hard
After a hard day's work cycling along West Coast Park...
We all need a little reward sometimes!
Day #11: Play Hard
Problem with me is that I can never seem to stop.
On my ONE DAY of rest, I decide to go climb a hill, courtesy of the lush greenery and forestation of our homeland.
C'mon Richie, let's take over the WORLD!!!

After I get me a drink...
And, of course you CAN'T have any, Richie, but I'll let you pretend you're having some.
If it makes you happy.
And now, time to load up Super Dog into the Super Bazooka!
Give the man a FIVE!

Day #12: Eat Hard
Growing girl needs her grub!
I REALLY REALLY REALLY like the Seafood Platters at Fish and Co!

Day #13: Train Hard
More training with National Cyclist Low Ji Wen.
He's a wonderful coach, very patient (seriously, to have a student like me is really a challenge), and he'll be opening shop soon in the neighbourhood of Potong Pasir. All this at 22! So YOUNG, SO Talented! (Just like me!) 

Day #14: And Go ALL THE WAY!

Group Ride with the Joyriders!
See the glimmer of uncertainty in my eyes...
"I really hope I don't die.."
The group were REALLY REALLY nice! They totally looked after me, and I could cycle on the road safely even though I'd only learnt how to use the cleats the day before!
Rightmost in neon yellow is Zing, she rode beside me all the way, and gave me all the great advice on when to gear up and down and kept all the cars far far away from me.
The rest were following behind cheering me on, encouraging me to keep going for the sake of gorgeous legs and a Perky Butt!
Ya'll are an awesome bunch! THANK YOU!

If anyone is into road cycling and looking for kaki to ride with, this is a group you should seriously consider. Membership is FREE!

Is there any MORE I can do? Certainly!
Watch me RUMBLE! *poooooooooooooooooot*


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