Friday, July 1, 2011

Please Stay Home

What is up with people who still go to work even when they're sick?

Or send their children to school even though their child isn't well?

Don't they realize how socially irresponsible it is? With the overcrowded population, bad weather, hectic lifestyles and un-nutritional food, it makes it much easier for people to fall sick, as immune systems are certainly lower than normal. Yet, there are those who add on to these already less-than-acceptable conditions by going to work when they're sick!

People, passing your sickness on to someone else will NOT make you better. Your bosses or colleagues will not appreciate you more if you turn up sick. You won't be able to focus AND you won't be getting the rest that you need, thus contributing to the vicious cycle of not getting better properly, and then falling sick again. So, unless it's a situation where nobody else but you can do the work, and there's no other day you can do it, stay home!!! And do remember to put your bursting ego aside while you make that decision. Remember, your company will not collapse just because you missed one day at work.

And your child won't fall behind her grades either.

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