Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Half-a-day of Rest!

So I managed to get me some rest time today to just do nothing.

I got back from work. Made myself watch some TV (yes, I have to consciously make myself watch TV. It's been laughed about before that I don't watch anything unless I'm in it...sadly, it's almost true...) And then I napped... and then I used the computer doing basically nothing... and then I had dinner... Ok, I know you're bored now.

So before I go on and tell you about how I did absolutely NOTHING on the day I made myself stay home and do NOTHING and how I wallowed in the Nothingness of Nothing at all despite actually having things to do but I refused to do it because today was allocated to be a day of nothingness...

Am I doing it again?

Heheh. Ok, let me share with you something a bit more interesting. Y'know, I don't know WHY some people like to talk about make-up and clothes and boyfriends and bags and diamonds and zzz zzz zzz. Okay okay I know I'm being sour-grapes here, but really. These topics don't interest me at the very least. I mean, a little of it is okay. But on and on and on...??? It's kinda like having to listen to guys talk about soccer... ... my eyes are glazing over as I type.

I think I must be a HORRIBLE conversationalist. I pity anyone that tries to talk to me.

I much prefer talking about nothing. I much prefer nothing at all.

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