Monday, January 10, 2011

Garmin Asus A10 Review

When asked if I'd be interested in reviewing the Garmin-Asus A10, I immediately agreed. When they called I was in Perth, and travelling around on a rented car. Form of navigation? Garmin GPS. And although I never felt a need for a GPS gadget (I have a great sense of direction), I must admit that it is useful to a certain degree, especially when travelling! Like hello, how would I know the road if I've never been there before right??

SO. Ok I admit, it was a bit difficult to use at first. But don't blame the phone, blame me. I'm not exactly the most tech-savvy person around. In fact, my tech-savvyness is probably on par with Richie and the Television. But I managed to figure it out! First thing I had to check, the CAMERA!

According to other reviews, Garmin Asus A10 has a 5 MP Camera that allows the users to take pictures that is clear and possesses High Resolution Quality. It also has a Geo tagging picture functionality that helps you in obtaining the correct location details of where the photo was taken! So exciting right?!! But I stupid. Don't know how to use. I took a photo of Ninja and made it my wallpaper. See? So cute right!!!

The display can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode with its in-built Accelerometer Feature.

Well, I have to say one thing. This sure is a smartphone. Its reviews spouts HUGE words which I cannot understand. Like "Google’s Android 1.6 Improved OS Platform" and "It is works well and synchronously with the Wireless and Microsoft Exchange server."

But that's ok. What drew me to it was the GPS. So let's see if it works as well as it should.

Did you know? That Garmin is actually the navigation system which they use on aeroplanes?! Yeap! That's what my Daddy told me and he used to be a pilot. Now, there's one GPS you can trust huh. First thing I tested was to see if it could really locate me. And yeap! That's where I am!

Next thing was to check if it could find where I wanted to go. Yeap it could!

Best thing, it has this feature "Where To?" that helps you decide where to go! Thing is, I can be a little indecisive sometimes, and this feature lists out nearby Points of Interests like restaurants, parks, museums, Shopping Malls, etc. It also allows you to save locations, so that I can prepare a list of places I need to go the night before, and then refer to it later. How convenient! Then I don't need to waste time standing by the side of the road typing it in! I can type in addresses directly and easily and at the end of the day, I just need to click on HOME, and The Nice Lady Inside The GPS will tell me how to head back home.

Speaking of The Nice Lady Inside The GPS. DID YOU KNOW THAT it also has a function that lets you RECORD YOUR OWN VOICE to use as the voice prompt!!! YEA! So no more quarrelling with or pushing the blame on The Nice Lady Inside The GPS. You can ONLY BLAME YOURSELF! heeheehee

Well, I didn't have a chance to spend much time with my Garmie because when I was in China, the satellites could locate my, well, location BUT I didn't upload the map of China unto my phone beforehand! I thought...I thought... I thought the satellite was See All And Know All. But I was still very impressed that it could locate me! I was in the car, heading out towards the suburbs of Beijing. And the satellites could still tell me where I was! Only problem was that it was unable to point me to where I wanted to go because there was no map. :(

So! The moral of the story is: Because it is a smart phone, it needs smart people to use it. And I clearly do not make the cut. *sigh*

Ratings (out of 5):
Battery Life: 3 Died on me once.
Outlook: 4.5 Minimal, Sleek.
TouchScreen: 2 Too Sensitive! Everytime I'm trying to make a phone call, my face touches the phone and the conversation either gets paused or muted.
User-Friendliness: 3 Maybe I wasn't being nice enough to it.
Navigation: 5 Very Accurate, Always picks out the best, most efficient routes, Clear and Easy to Understand. Features Speed Limit function and also helps to Point Out important nearby places like Hospitals, Petrol Stations and Shopping Malls.

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