Friday, November 5, 2010


What did YOU do on the 1st of November? I went to catch the Gala Premiere of Megamind, and damn, was it good!
The invite said that my guest and I had to get dressed as SUPERHEROES and I instantly thought of Nikki! (Yea, she's MY Superhero) Besides, she missed out on Sentosa's Spooktacular 'coz she was sick so I figured she'd jump at this chance! Besides, I love doing crazy things with her.

So we thought and we thought and we thought and we decided that it was time to come out of the closet and make our deepest darkest secret known to the world.
We were BATGIRL and ROBIN, yes, the unstoppable Duo, the Dark Knightess and her trusty sidekick. The Meanest, Leanest, Gorgeoustest pair who blasted around town on their BatMobile, saving the world from ... whatever it was the world needed saving from. Anyway.
So we got dressed and hopped on our BatMobile. In a bid to save the planet from unnecessary fumes from burning fuel, we shared one bike. As I, Robin, trusty sidekick and honest frontpunch, got on, I told Batgirl, "I hope we don't cause too many accidents."

As we parked, a couple of passers-by stopped us for photos. We were not used to the attention. Obviously, our Superhero Gear was meant for Dark Nights, along Dark Alleys. The Cathay at Handy Road was not a Dark Alley. Neither was it a Dark Night. But, Superheroes are supposed to make people happy. So we posed for the photos anyway.

We finally managed to pull ourselves away from The Papparazzi, and dashed to the top floor for our Movie Premiere. (Yes, always fashionably late by 2 hours. We are Superheroes, after all.)

So we got our tickets, posed for a few more photos, and went in for our movie.
As we walked in, I got really excited because we were given 3D glasses! The movie was going to be in 3D I've never seen a 3D movie before! The only 3D experience I had was in the KL Petronas Towers, and that gave me a bit of a headache I think 'coz I wasn't wearing my glasses properly. But this one was good! Although I must admit that I did feel a bit nauseated at the high action parts. But when the movie started, me and Nikki were like "waaaaaahh......."
So Anyhooies, there we go. I won't reveal anything about the storyline, but I must say one thing. If you do go watch it, please do catch it with someone who has a great sense of humour, and knows a good joke when he/she sees one. So that ya'll can point it out to each other in case any of you miss it! The whole movie is really full of funny things, even down to the tiniest detail, and I'm sure if I catch it for the second or third time, I'll still see a whole lot of funny things which I didn't notice the first time I watched it!
Another great thing this movie has, (and this is something I look out for in all movies) is that its got a great lesson for its viewers. It's great for kids, teenagers, parents and grandparents, and actually I think it's also a great movie for cynics, those who don't believe in happy endings.
Really, this is one movie that doesn't give you an overrated happy ending. Y'know how when you watch some movies you can't help but go "Yea Right, like As If THAT Will Happen". But yea, you won't think like that at all for this movie. In fact, I almost couldn't believe the unbelievable amount of bad luck our main guy had. It's great that this movie helps us see that no one really is ENTIRELY bad, and no one really is entirely good either. Perfectly Imperfect, I always say.
Great movie, so get off your computer and go catch it now!


Anonymous said...

LOVED IT ALL..the company you sweets! THE PIX ARE AWESOME LAH!!

Joanne-Marie said...

Did you see the pic with the Bicycle Batmobile and the Turbo Power coming outta my arse!? :P

Megamind movie said...

thank you for posting the trailer. i want to take my son (12 years old) to see him and i didn't know if it fit is age. actually, i find the film very interesting for me to :) thank's again.

Joanne-Marie said...

Hey Stranger,

Glad the post was useful! Hope you enjoyed the movie. Funny right? "Matrocity!" Keep checking back for more movie reviews yea! ;)