Friday, October 15, 2010

Word of The Day: lalala

1. lalala
Phrase used where the is a gap in conversation and no one knows how to start it up again.
  • Jim says: I like men.
    Bob says: lalala...

2. lalala
Something that u say when u don't know the words to a song or you are really bored online.
  • silence...lalala
3. lalala
A filler to represent the state of being happy, confused, or just about any emotion you can imagine.
  • lalala off to brunch.
  • I was coming up from the library and i saw some girl wearing red sweatpants and i was like *gasp* and then she looked at me then i was like lalala.
4. lalala
The definitive thing to say when you don't want to hear somebody speak anymore. Usually accompanied by a clasping of the hands over the ears in a mature and composed fashion to signify that you are done with the conversation. Short intakes of air inbetween scores of "lalala" should be expected and has been scientifically proven to increase dramatic effect and frustrate the antagonizing speaker to habitual silence.
  • Person 1 "Rent was due a week ago, you spent the money on Motley Crue reunion tickets, and why is there glitter everywhere? Tou seriously need to grow up. And another thing-"

    Person 2 "Lalala"

    Person 1 "What are you doing? I mean it, you can't use your money on drinking and leopard tights, it's-"

    Person 2 "Lalala"

    Person 1 "..."

    Person 2 "..."

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