Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't Make Me.

I can't believe the number of annoying, morally or/and intellectually challenged people I meet, almost on a daily basis! It's like one of those One-A-Day pills!

*Get Your Dose of Ignorance Today!*


Do I have a post-it stuck to my forehead saying “please be stupid in front of me"? Because the last I checked, I didn't!

Ok, I'm being harsh. It's OK to be stupid and silly. It's also OK to say stupid things, and think that you are Correct. But it's NOT OK to say stupid things, think you are correct, and impose your ignorant ideas on someone else, and expect them to accept with no question or no why.

Please explain to me WHY, and if you make sense, I'll do as told. If you don't have a logical reason (which honestly, I don't think you do), just ask nicely. You'll be surprised to find that RESPECT for your fellow human beings can take you a long way.

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