Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The 26th of September was my Brother Dearest's birthday and we had a grand celebration for him! Ok, maybe not so grand, but grand enough.

We intended to surprise him, so I made contact with his old old friend from school, who then contacted all his Other old old friends. So anyhooies, it was apparent that Patricians can't keep time, because his friends were all LATE!!!

But that's okay, because so was my brother *eye-roll*. Well, while the few of us (non-Patricians, with the exception of my Daddypoo) waited, we had a false alarm. Because somebody said "Eh! Liwen's car, Liwen's car!" *Liwen was the decoy, and the one that was supposed to bring the Dustbin Boy home.

So we all RAN all over the place, rushed for the cake, kancheong spider everywhere, candle won't light up... and then... and then... ... it was Liwen's wife.

Liwen was coming in another car. Sigh, so much for nothing.

Well, eventually the birthday boy arrived and we surprised him. But he didn't look very surprised. (I think he was more concerned about the silly-string dirtying his clothes...) But anyways, we could finally TUCK IN! That's all that mattered!

Happy Birthday, Dustbin Boy. I hope you never grow up. Love, Your Favourite Sister.

And to omy.sg who's also celebrating their birthday soon, Happy Birthday!

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