Monday, August 16, 2010

Richie and his Rambutan Seed

I haven't had time to write about this, but since we're on the topic of our beloved pets today, I'd like to tell you a story about Richie.

Richie was given to me by my Grandfather, who got him as a gift from someone else. My Grandpa, who's very old, felt that he wasn't in a position to look after a dog (and such a hyperactive one at that) and handed him down to us. In my very large extended family, not many are animal lovers. Some of my relatives think they're "dirty" or "noisy" or just simply "ee-yer".

I love animals. Sometimes, I even feel that they are more worthy of my love and affection than humans are. Well, some.

Anyways, back then we had Coco and we made One Big Happy Family. But Richie and Coco couldn't really get along. Coco was a thinker. Richie was a no-brainer. Everyone used to compare them (even me too, sometimes). And everyone gushed at how clever and good-looking Coco was, and Richie, well, he was always too busy digging the ceramic floor in hope that a bone would show up.

Many thought Richie was plain stupid. He couldn't do any tricks. He couldn't control his pee. He couldn't hold back his excitement and energy and simply put, he was just All Over The Place. I remember a couple of my friends even saying that it is Impossible to teach Richie how to behave himself. Some even told me to give him away. But he's a mongrel, nobody would want him even. I probably would have to pay someone to take him away.

But I couldn't give him away. He was my dog. And no matter how stupid he may be, he'd run to the door to greet me every time I came home and each time would be as though he's so happy that he could do backflips.

Soon, age caught up with Coco and he passed away pretty suddenly. My heart was broken. I knew no one could ever take the place of Coco and no one ever did. As I cried my eyes out, Richie voraciously tried to lick my tears dry (maybe he was thirsty). I could see that he couldn't stand to see me so sad. And on those days where I sat there, missing Coco, I knew that Richie was trying his very best to cheer me up.

Then, he started to surprise me. He sat. He stayed. He chose 'which one'. He looked for his ball on command. He could do tricks! All those tricks which I've tried teaching him before to no avail. Maybe all he really needed was that little bit of attention.

Anyway, he's everything a dog should be. Loyal, loving, excitable, and smelly. And I love him so.

My point is, don't give up on your dog just because everyone else has. He'd do anything for you. What will you do for him?


Anonymous said...

Richie deserves a scooby snack.

You know its real? I saw it selling at a pet shop.

take care,

Joanne-Marie said...

Are you SERIOUS?!?!? HAhahahaha ok! I'll go get it for him. Which Pet Shop??

Anonymous said...

I saw it at a pet shop at pasir ris farmway. You know where?

The pet shop is cool because the owners many many dogs just hang around and walk around the shop. But they dont do much. Just like the sales assistants there.HOHO no la.

And also near the counter they had going to expire dog 'youghurt' snacks on a shelf with the sign 'Free'.

I took one for my sisters dog. She liked it.



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