Thursday, March 25, 2010


So I've been really busy that's why I haven't blogged in days.

Just a quick update:

I've been filming Slow Dancing, a film by LaSalle students and I must say, they're quite a fun bunch! Plus, I managed to sneak a few peeks and the shots look really really nice!

Also, I did a BMTC short film, as you would've already guessed, it's about a bunch of army boys. It was an experience going into Tekong and sitting on one of those ten-tonners and eating army food. One thing I've learnt: "Boys are Smelly. NS Boys are Super Duper Smelly." heehee, can't blame them la.

I'll be doing DrumCafe tonight as well, but you can't watch 'cos it's a corporate event.

Finally, I'll be hosting Sounds@*SCAPE and it's a free for all event from 5pm - late tomorrow 27th March, Saturday. Lots of cool local bands and talents will be performing so DO come and watch! (Don't forget to bring banners with my name on it! heehee) Visit for more info if needed!

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