Friday, January 8, 2010


I heard that there's a way to increase my readership. I am going to try that now.

So, I was shooting in Sentosa that day and apparently the entry prices are going to be increased. Which makes me wonder why anybody would want to spend more money to go there. Apparently, the chances of meeting a pervert there is higher. (One girl got molested by FOUR at a go!) And she didn't do anything about it, which could possibly mean that she was one too! 5 pervs in a night! And then that Singapore Idol thing? I wanted Sylvia Ratonel to win! I only watched half an episode, but her singing was so good I wanted her to win right from the very first time I watched her! What a pity. And then Gillian Chung apparently is making a comeback, and Cyndi Wang was shocked to discover her father was in a fraud, and Jacky Wu gives his wife a limitless credit card (I also want!), and Hugh Grant makes a resolution to get married?

I'm checking my counter tomorrow!

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Chester Tan said...

So did your counter go up??