Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wah, I Velli Happi

Got people read my blog LEH!

Hehehheeh. I was so unmotivated to type anything today, but then I saw comments on my posts! And messages in my message box! So I'm very happy, and decided to post something anyway. :P

Well, the Christmas season is here yet again, and I believe that year-end is always a good time for reflection, and to do a thorough self-check. And I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in myself. If I were to put myself through a test of character, I'd fail terribly.

Maybe it's time to go to church again. And maybe even go for confession. Or maybe it's time to slap myself around with a trout and wake up my idea and get on with life. Either way, I wish I'd stop being so unforgiving. Maybe the best thing to do is to make it a resolution to change...

Ok! So that's my new year's resolution! "I promise to be a good kid and make everyone happy..."

Heheh. Goodness. That was tough.

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