Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well, I've been back in Not-So-Sunny-Anymore Singaporeland for quite a while now, so before my brain starts auto-deleting data, here's Bali in 10, 9, 8:

1. Do not drive a car in Bali unless you intend on travelling to all tips of the island. Really, use a motorbike, or you'll spend most of your holiday stuck in a jam! Not strawberry flavoured yea. TRAFFIC flavoured. We were lucky to catch a troop of touring Harleys on the way though.

2. If you Are driving, do head up to the mountains. It's worth the winding roads, bumpy tracks and endless fields of rice paddies.

3. Do leave your mark...Avenue of The Stars style (not pee-on-fire hydrant style).

4. Do pretend to be one of 'em Baywatch Lifeguards.

5. Do take a photo with Old Friends!

6. Do visit a waterfall.

7. Do watch the dogs. They are so full of character.

8. Do eat lots of good local food and ice-cream!

9. Do stay at the Hard Rock Hotel.

10. Do bask in the sun and roll around the sand and waves because that's what Bali is all about!

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