Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wah! I'm So Happy!

People Do Read My Blog!

This totally calls for a celebration!

*Runs around the room dancing like a crazy baboon.*


Anyhoos, I've just recovered (but not totally) from my very bad cold. I say this 'coz I managed to cough up a clump of very icky, very green, very glow-in-the-dark phlegm this morning. So from past experience, I've learnt that once you manage to get rid of that clump, you're on your road to recovery. So I suppose I'm getting better.

Here are photos from Grandpapa's 85th (or 86th...) birthday party!

My Newest Nephew, Ian. (I just lurrrve the babies!)

Got squashed between my action-pack hero brother, and my very beefy cousin (who claims that if he adds my blog on his list, his viewership ratings would go down...)

Beloved Grandpapa and I. (And some weird racoon at the back.)

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