Monday, October 27, 2008

Road Trip Virgins

We took a ride out yesterday. Nikki, Chunlai and I. All the way across the border to Pekan Nanas, where we visited Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS). It was ... eventful.

Let's start with Event #1: I thought I'd be nice and get everyone breakfast, so I got up early and headed over to Macdonald's. When I got back to my bike, I tossed everything into the bike seat, and shut it. The bike seat locks automatically. See, the problem is, I threw everything in. Everything. Including my bike keys.

Event #2: We crossed the customs and Nikki turned around and said excitedly, "this is my first time!" And I was surprised because I thought she's been before, but it turns out she hasn't, and she thought I've been before, but I haven't, and Chunlai has never been before either. Which means None Of Us has been on a road trip into Malaysia before. So there we are, 3 road trip virgins sitting on the fence between Singapore and Malaysia. But we go anyway.

Event #3: We get slobbered by all these heaven-sent dogs and cats and horses, which was really, really fun. Because when you're in an environment like that, you realize how the world really is a better place. Because of all these wonderful beings.

Check out the pictures!

Here's Nikki telling us stories about "Amaheaka Amnodeshe" (pronounced as "I'm-a-he-AKA-I'm-not-a-she".), the cat.

Chunlai being the tourist...

A fraction of the seven hundred dogs there.

The Cat.

The other cat. It's playing with a dog's tail. So cute!

This one is affectionately known as Momma Dog.

Please, don't fart.

Max, who came running out to greet me while the others were in front. He became my tour
guide for the day.

Max & I having a conversation at the back there...

Spending some quality time together.

Group Photo!!!

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