Thursday, August 28, 2008

2nd Place!

Yesterday was quite a long day, so I didn't have time to post. But I tried to remember as much as I can so that I could do the posting today. And yes, I made it a point to take photos. heh.

Anyhoos, compared to the "Sway Day" I had a few days back, yesterday was a Good Day, despite the rain and soggy shoes.

Here are the photos.

And we all wait for something to happen.

My class was the first class to perform, and we thought we could only send in one group! Turns out we could've sent in any number. Had I known this earlier, I would've sent in all three groups because they were all really good. We decided which group would perform through voting.

Sanjaya, The Emcee.

He introduces everyone.

Turns it up...

And here we go!

I missed out the Miss Wong part because I was too busy watching and hoping that the boy acting as Miss Wong wouldn't forget his lines. But I was proud of him. Not only did he not forget his lines, every single word came out loud and clear! A vast difference from the rehearsals.

This was one of the most interesting scenes.

Ricky, the boy bending over, was getting caned for answering the teacher's question.
Reminds me of me during my Bio lessons back in Secondary school...

And this is Oscar, acting as the "Hip-Hop Principal".

This part was Hilarious!

And yes, caught on camera.
All of them making The Biggest Mistake One Should Never Be Making On Stage.


But that didn't stop them from getting 2nd Place anyways!

I guess the naughty script (that only Sec 2s can think of), good acting, and of course, their focusness and discipline in wanting to do a good job did it~.

I am proud of All of You, 2E1, Bartley Secondary! And I'm sure Ms. Stacey is, too. :)

I certainly hope you have enjoyed the course as much as I've enjoyed teaching you.

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