Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cocoa B - An Online Chocolate Boutique

Cocoa B is the place for all you closet creatives to actually really GET CREATIVE! And to top it off, you even get to EAT your own creation! 

An interesting online chocolate boutique that most certainly has its right foot in the door by offering customising services in a world where customers come first.

Its website is easy to navigate around and most certainly idiot-proof (well, I didn't get too confused, so that proves it.

You start off by choosing the type of chocolate you'd like.


And then you pick from a wide variety of toppings. I was very curious to know what "exotic" toppings they had, and my, they were exotic indeed!

Chicken Floss?? Curry Powder??? IKAN BILIS????

I'm not very adventurous with food y'know...

I needed some words of affirmation and the nice people at Cocoa B confirmed that all these combinations have been tried and tested by their expert chocolatiers, and were definitely EDIBLE. In fact, they weren't just edible, they were DELECTABLE.

(Well, okay then. In any case, my game plan was to give it to my Mom, Dad, and Brother if I didn't like it.)

So THIS is what I made:

White Chocolate:
Sea Salt, 
Choco Candies, 
Sugar Candy(Balls), Sunflower Seeds and Hazelnuts.

If I didn't like it, I'd kindly donate this to my Mother Dearest.

Milk Chocolate:
Crystal Dusted Ginger, 
Macadamia Nuts and 
Tapioca Chips.

And this was to go to my Fatty Daddy. (Daddy's a bit more adventurous than Mommypie.)

Dark Chocolate: Cranberries, 
Ikan Bilis, 
Macadamia Nuts and 
Gummi Bears.

I pulled all stops at this one, because the safety net was my brother. Hahah! So WHO CARES whether it tastes nice or not?!?!

Anyways, the chocs arrived and if you were wondering why my photos of them are all so blurred, it's because they were snapped up even before I could take proper photos of them!

My dad absolutely loved his milk chocolate with ginger and apricots, and finished the whole bar in one sitting! (Totally not advisable... ...)

My mom couldn't bear to eat hers because it "looked so pretty". But I ripped open the packaging and eagerly tasted it. YUM! The sea salt and white chocolate combination was awesome! (Takes a bow...)

And my brother, after taking one big chunk with a big piece of gummy bear and Ikan bilis, was robbed of the rest of his bar. (Because my dad grabbed it from him and finished it!)

So our overall review is that the novelty of getting to choose what toppings one can have on their favourite types of chocolate is undoubtedly a great concept. And of course, it would make a PERFECT GIFT!

They even have "Seasonal Specials", like Valentine's Day toppings, for the upcoming "Special Day".

I guess the "Red Hot Chilli Flakes" toppings would be valid if your valentine was REALLY HOT, like Kate Upton or something. 

And "Rosemary Leaves" would be valid if your valentine was named Rosemary... like my secondary school form teacher... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

And oh, they've got some cool contests going on as well! So don't forget to send in your photo, and you never know, you might just emerge the reigning champion of bespoke chocolatierism!!!

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