Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My visit to the Hair Salon!

I'm sure you would've seen many of my status updates, tweets and posts whining about my hair. Well, that's because my hair is really... ... Living a life of its own.

And every visit to the hair salon is always stressful for me. I always feel like its a "make it or break it" thing, and ever since my usual hairdresser disappeared from the face of the earth, I've been putting off visits to the salon as much as I could. 

So stressful, in fact, that as I made my way there for the appointment I started to develop a headache on the way. My heart started to beat faster as I approached Heeren, and as I took the escalator up to the 4th floor, I was so nervous that my head could explode.

As I stepped into the Urbanhair, the friendly receptionist greeted me by name and promptly brought me to a quiet corner of the salon. (Talk about superstar treatment yo!)

Eugene, the founder and managing director, came over and quickly went through what he could do with my hair. Sounded good! So off I went to get a nice wash.

The stylist who washed my hair did a wonderful job, massaging all that unnecessary stress away. And of course, the headache took off like germs at the sight of anti-bacterial hand wash!

After about 15 minutes of hair washing bliss, I headed back to my seat for The Discussion. Eugene proposed a slightly darker shade with highlights and smoothening out my fringe.

The man is on a mission to save me from bad hair hell. 

Suddenly, I saw wings appear behind him and a halo floating above his head. I swear I could've even heard a heavenly chorus of angels go "ahhh".

Please remind me again, why was I stressed?

And so the process begins. 


Mission Save Joanne's Hair: Phase 1


He texturized my hair and instead of using the usual thinning scissors, as most salons do, he expertly picked out various parts of my hair and cut according to the curve of my natural curls.

Keeping the length, he chopped off the excess weight so that my tresses don't look so drab, and I could almost immediately see the difference.

He's really working it with the curls!

Mission Save Joanne's Hair: Phase 2


He applies some soft rebonding cream only to the roots of my hair. This is to smoothen out those kinks, and get my bangs to behave a little better. I like that he's carefully considered the fact that if he used the usual strong rebonding, my bangs would look like pick-up-sticks.

I've tried to get various hairdressers to understand that I want my fringe to be manageable yet not straightened to the point where it's flat, but to no avail.

Magically, Eugene knows what to do even without my saying. A real pro, indeed!

Mission Save Joanne's Hair: Phase 3


He asks if I'd like to choose a colour and I told him I'd leave it to him. At this point of time, I feel totally safe leaving my hair in his hands.

He then does a pretty cool experiment to see if I'm a cool or warm tone. After testing my arm against different colours, he concludes I'm a cool, and he is correct!!! (Ever noticed how I steer clear of orange and mustard colored clothing?)

I've never met a stylist so dedicated to ensuring that their customers get the RIGHT colour for their skin tone. Most just take the easy way out and say "so what colour you want?" and do as told. But not here. On top of making sure you get what you want, they also ensure that it suits you.

Eugene mentioned that it's not about taking what some other hairstylist gave you, and then just upkeeping it. It's about RECREATING.

Which then leads him to adding highlights to my hair. This way, this hairstyle is truly mine and MINE ALONE.

Adding highlights will help to give my limp hair more life and take it from drab to FAB!

Mission Save Joanne's Hair: Phase 4

The Reveal.

After hours of keen waiting, my hair is finally done. I've never been more excited to see the end product, and here it comes!

It's natural, and this hairdo is awesome because it works in more ways than one. I can have it up, down, to the side, or to the other side. Halfway up, halfway down, or any way I want!

Eugene also suggested that I could tuck the excess under and wear it like a bob, or pouf up the sides and wear it like a mullet. I say, this must be one of the best and most versatile cuts I've ever had!

There is hope! My hair CAN look good!

Urbanhair by Ginrich can be found at

260 Orchard Road,
#04-15/16 The Heeren,
Singapore 238855
Mon to Sat : 11am - 8pm
Sun : 11am - 6pm
T : +65 6737 7813
F : +65 6732 3559
E : ginrich@urbanhair.com.sg
Don't forget to also check out 
2 Bayfront Avenue,
Marina Bay Sands,
Singapore 018956.
Mon to Sun : 10am - 11pm
T : +65 6688 7766
F : +65 6688 7755
E : marina@urbanhair.com.sg

Can't wait 'til my next appointment!

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