Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Clearly Corrective

Now how often do you wish your face were a piece of paper, and if you had a spot, you could simply use correction tape (aka Liquid Paper, or Blanko) to make it disappear?

Well, it's now possible with Kiehl's latest star product, the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution!

This product comes in a CLEAR glass bottle and a little dropper. All you have to do is drip a couple of drops on your face, and rub it in!

Almost immediately, your skin feels moisturized, lighter, and brighter.

Hard to believe? Not really. Especially when you think of all the goodness of the ingredients used to create this 'potion'. 

White Birch Extract
is known for its healing properties, and enhances skin clarity and luminosity.

Peony Extract
helps prevent future dark spots and discolourations.

Activated C
is a fast-acting clarifying ingredient that helps diminish discolourations, and prevents dark spots from forming.

One of the reasons why this solution is in a clear bottle is because there is nothing to hide. Some products change colour over time, or due to exposure to sunlight. But this amazing solution doesn't. The first of its kind, Activated C is a water-soluble ingredient that is highly stable, and will not lose efficacy or discolour over time.

That's the GIANT BOTTLE I'm holding in my hands. MINE!

So what EXACTLY does it do?

1. Prevents clusters to stop dark spots.

2. Decreases melanin formation.

3. Deters the transfer of melanin to the skin's surface.

4. Breaks up existing melanin clusters.


I am. I've developed some freckles on my face due to my constant exposure to the sun, and of course, with outdoor filming, sometimes a reflector is used to bounce the UV rays back to my face. So my saviour is here! *angelic chorus*

With clinically proven results of up to 90% after just 8 weeks of regular use, you can be sure this one's gonna be on my skincare routine for some time to come!
Here's how you get your complimentary Kiehl's Samples, to try it for yourself!

1. Like Kiehl's on Facebook. Click Here.
2. Click on the Clearly Corrective Tab.

3. Wait for the page to turn up, then click on "GET A SAMPLE NOW".

4. Fill in the blanks accordingly.
5. Then, in the drop down box, select

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