Monday, January 30, 2012

Multiple Personality Disorder

So I play the Tiger in "熊猫宝宝长大了" which runs at the Esplanade from 2nd -4th Feb, and I've been rehearsing pretty hard for it.

Finding the Tiger within myself has been fun and enlightening, and I've also learnt alot about myself in the process.

I hope to be able to keep what I've learnt from my fellow actors and director in this show and put it to good use in my other performances.

This now brings us to the title of this post: Multiple Personality Disorder. This morning, during my school tour performance, where I play an active school girl, Tiger made an appearance!

Tiger has a certain laugh and this little girl has a different laugh... Usually. So I kinda got it mixed up. Thank goodness it didn't affect the overall performance of the show. It did, however, throw me a little off my guard. On a regular day, I hit the play button and off it goes but today it felt like I hit the wrong button!!

And although the kids clearly enjoyed the show, it bugs me that I slipped up.

As much as people may think that acting is a very "zhor bor" job, it really, really isn't. A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes, and I believe that a large majority of actors treat their work with a lot of pride.

So before you write someone off as "a pretty face" or "in it for the fame", think again. Just like what an A+ means to a student, is what audience recognition means to us.

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