Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Heavenly Rice!

I'm so happy! Remember the Food For Christmas project that I've embarked on? Well! We managed to secure sponsorship for rice! Mr Jaime Teo, the boss of Heavenly Rice is so kind to offer us 2 x 5kg packets of rice per family! That's enough rice to last at least 2-3 months! And on top of that, this is really good quality rice!

Heavenly Standard Rice meets Thailand's stringent Hom Mali standards. Each vibrant red pack contains 80% Hom Mali Rice, as well as other varieties of fragrant rice.

And the reason why is approached them is because whenever I think of rice, I think of their signature advertisement (on many many taxis). It's a picture of a very cute little boy eating rice straight from a bowl of rice so he's got it all over his face. And next to it is their website address:

With a line like that, how not to stick in the brain? "My rice is HEAVENLY!"

Anyways I'm really happy and wanted to share this good news with everyone!

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