Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Goes With Me

Just thought I'd share a little on this topic because travelling is such a wonderful thing. I get to go live it up in all these picturesque places, breathe it in, experience it and of course, get the memories all down in a photo. BUT how often have I come home, looked at my photos and thought "What in the World was I Thinking When I Put This Outfit ON!?"

Ok, so maybe you haven't thought of that before... but I have. And looking good almost always makes me feel good, which is why I want to make sure I bring the right clothes whenever I travel.

I'm packing now for "Pleasant Smelling Harbour" (aka 香港 aka HongKong). What goes with Me?

Let's find out!

1. Good Head Gear.
No matter what I'm wearing, a hat always tops off the entire outfit. Great thing is that it is a great cover-up for when my hair is reacting differently to the climate (it does!)Or is just being plain stubborn. Or any other similar situation. Really. I'm on holiday! I don't want to waste time worring about my hair! Besides, it's great for blocking out excessive UVA/B rays in a scorching summer, and keeping my head warm in winter. My brain is in there y'know! Must keep it warm. It also helps me look decent enough pre/post/in-between flights.

2. Good Sunnies
Keeps the glare out in Any Climate. Can use it to hold my hair up while indoors. Great cover-up pre/post/in-between flights. I always try to invest in a good pair of sunnies that really has UV protection because my eyes are important to me. Polarized lenses are one of the best, especially for on the road, and sports/outdoor activities. It really cuts out the glare.

3. Good Underwear
My momma always said to wear good underwear ALL the time, so in case anything happens to you and you die, at least you know nobody will see you in your granny knickers (with holes!). Same goes for our bras. Of course, all good girls should know that there's always a right bra for the right outfit (and no, that doesn't mean black bra under a white top!) But since I'm travelling, I don't have the option of bringing ALL my bras along with me to match ALL my different outfits, right? SO, I'm going to bring along, my Esprit Convertible Bra! I'm a big fan of versatility and multi-way bras, but I've only come across ONE multiway bra that I really really like, and this is it! It doesn't go that many ways, just cross-back and halter, and the usual, but that's good enough for me. It's SO much easier to just clip-unclip than to take out the whoooole strap and then make sure it's not all twisted the wrong way, and then try and fit it back in. Now I just need to bring along a few of these in basic colours and a couple of cute straplesses and I've got all my outfits covered!

4. Good Shoes
I always have at least one pair of decent Nikes with me for several reasons. They're comfy. They look nice. In case I decide to go mountain climbing, atv riding, dirt biking, I can always count on them. Gee, sounds like I can replace boyfriends with them. "I traded in my boyfriend for a pair of Nikes." Good slogan huh! Also, heels that go with most of my outfits, and a pair of flats (for shopping in) that match easy and I can walk in for hours.

5. Good Jacket
I know that a good jacket is ESSENTIAL and it's really common sense. Most people I know travel around Singapore with jackets! Our air-conditioners are POW!derful. An oversized plain black hoodie often goes well with ANYTHING and it's one of the most comfy things to wear! If anything, at least it'll keep me warm on a cold plane.

6. Good Jeggings
Leggings are something most people would bring along while travelling, or even wear on a daily basis, but as much as they are a versatile wardrobe item, I'm not a fan. No offense meant, (I, myself, use leggings every now and then) but they look like underwear to me, especially when worn without shorts. But its descendant, Jeggings, is genius. Jeans are a pain to pack because it's so thick and heavy, but Jeggings are more presentable looking than leggings (because they look like jeans!) and just as versatile!

7. Carry-All Bag
It'll be great for stuffing everything in, especially with all that endless shopping! (I am always sure NOT to put important things like MONEY(the big notes), PASSPORT, etc in my carry-all.) Also, I always opt for a bag with a zip, or some form of proper closure. Getting robbed/pick-pocketed while on holiday is Not Cool.

8. Pretty Dresses
This is a MUST. You never know when you'll be photographed! I surely do not want to be seen with mismatched clothes! Best thing about dresses is that it's a one-piece outfit. Saves space! And I won't need to waste time in my hotel room trying to figure out which top goes with which bottom...... Just slip one on, and off I go!

9. Good "House Coat"s
Now, as much as I can be really sloppy when I go out (and I don't like it! I just don't have a choice! Sometimes rushing!), take my word for it when I say I never neglect how I look before bed. What if I die in my sleep!? By having good lounging attire, I'm always appropriately dressed for opening the door to room service, or hanging out with my friends before we get dressed to leave. That baggy t-shirt from primary school just won't make the cut. Especially if there's a big hole right under my left armpit! Can you IMAGINE the look of the room service staff if they see it?!?! AND NO, those cheapo cartoon pyjamas from the pasar malam will NOT do.

Well, that's all! Oh, and let's not forget that SPIRIT OF FUN & ADVENTURE!!!

Sit Tight World, Here I Come!

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