Wednesday, August 24, 2011, My New Favourite Past-time!

I dropped by the office of recently and was introduced to the world of Online Auctioning! (or... auctioneering...)

And damnit, now I'm hooked.

So. I'm not going to give you the BASIC Low-Downs on how to Bid because... well, that's just easypeasylemonsqueezy. I'm going to give you MORE. I'm going to give you the LOW-DOWN on HOW TO WIN. (Results not double-confirmed.)

OK, so this is how it works.

1. You log on to

2. Check out all the wonderful things that are up for bidding! And choose something to bid on! Prepare to get hooked.

3. Choose the Learner's/Beginner's Auction if you are new and have not won any auction yet.

4. Pick one that has already started, and preferably closer to finish time. Bidding too early may be a waste of money. UNLESS you have some kind of STRATEGY going on...

12 minutes and 48 seconds more. I'm on STANDBY MODE.

5. You can consider trying the AUTO-Bidder. The Auto-Bidder bids for you, automatically. Duh. So what I've done is entered the Lower Bid Limit. This is when the Auto-Bidder will start bidding for me. Here, the current price of the item is at $0.00. Once it hits $0.15, my Auto-Bidder will kick in, and place a bid randomly within the last 10 seconds of every new "price".

6. Calculate out a Reasonable Amount of Bids to enter.

7. Carefully consider the good advice of the very friendly people at, and ensure you are CLEAR on how to use the Auto-Bidder.

8. And if you're NOT clear, you can find out more.

SCREECH HALT! Wait a minute... How did I get here???

9. Now, you watch it work its magic! Or you can go and make coffee.

10. Of course, you need to Keep Things Relevant. Your Auto-Bidder needs to have a.) Enough Bids, and b.) an Upper Bid Limit which is more than the price of the Auction at any one time.

Once the auction price exceeds your upper bid limit, your Auto-Bidder will no longer bid. You will then need to "Review the Settings" of your Auto-Bidder.

11. Or you can have Some of Your Own Fun!

12. You can also try boobie-trapping your fellow competitors. (NOT with your boobs... but with some other means and ways...)

13. And hope that you win! GOOD LUCK! I'll see YOU, on SOLD.SG!

Sorry for the photos not appearing clearly here. I don't know why my blog does this to me sometimes. But if you'd like a clearer version of this post, you may also visit!

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