Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coming Home to More Adventure!

I arrived back in Singapore some late evening, and a flight is always pleasant when you have handsome flight stewards to look at. So the next morning, it was BACK TO WORK! And this is what I got up to...

The next day...

Adventures with Monkeys. They were TOTALLY PLANNING to invade our team and steal my Zesta.

This is what we picked up on our walkie-talkies...

"HQ to Alpha Team, HQ to Alpha Team, Zesta in range, do you copy?"
"Alpha Team to HQ, Zesta spotted. We're going in. Roger."
"Roger? Who's Roger? Alpha, just go get the Zesta, damnit."


Monkey: "ok...stay cool, just act like everything's normal... they won't notice a little monkey like me..."

Monkey: "Need... to... get... my... hands-without-thumbs... on... that... can..."
Monkey: "OK! I'm GOING FOR THE KILL! For One And All!!!"

And he finally gets his hands on that one can. The End.
( Don't kill me, Tim! :P )

Zesta. Let's me do so much MORE.

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