Monday, May 30, 2011

Animals United

What do you get when you put a bunch of animals together?

Courtesy of and Shaw, I got to catch Animals United! (No... I didn't catch ALL the Animals United Together... I caught the MOVIE titled Animals United...)

So basically the story is about a group of animals waiting for the annual flood. They rely on it for food and water but *shock shock horror* discover that the humans have been destroying their habitats, and built a dam for a leisure resort. (!!!) Thus, the animals come together to save the delta and send a message to the humans not to interfere with nature.

Hence the title, ANIMALS UNITED.

It's a wake-up call movie. Telling us how important it is to start SAVING OUR PLANET!

Now, not just saving our planet, but also to Stop Destroying It~!

"Mankind" is the villian in this story, where for our own personal gain, we cut down forests, build factories, pollute the air, the ocean, and what else not. The animals are chased out of their homes, losing their families and their habitat all for the selfish lifestyles of human beings.

Is it fair? No it isn't. IT IS THEIR WORLD TOO!

(Yes, the activist speaks.)

Now hopefully, the people in that cinema walk out more conscious of their actions in the future. Because I'm sure I've learnt a thing or two. The movie may come across as a little too preachy, especially to those who have No Conscience! So don't watch this if you think that you've been-there-done-that.

Morals aside. The storyline is a little messy. Because it kind of hops from place to place and suddenly everybody is together in Africa. Like, “wah. Teleporting device ah?”

But other than that, there are some pretty decent jokes that a large majority of the audience didn't get. But then again, I often find myself sitting in the cinema laughing my head off, but ... I'm the ONLY one laughing. It's like "WHAT'S UP PEOPLE?! YA'LL DON'T GET THE JOKE AH?!"

The animation is made in Germany, and I think that may be what explains the fact that some of the words don't seem to match the movement of their mouths, but that's if you're really staring at their mouths when they speak.

It's interesting how they fashioned the animals to be like certain people or a certain group of people, i.e. Socrates the Philosopher, Gisele the Supermodel, The Australians...the Australians.

Anyways, I wouldn't want to go on and on and on and spoil the story for you, so go on and catch it yourself. It's not amazing, but it's an OK show to watch with a bunch of kids.

Or if you want to feel INSPIRED to do More for our planet.

Or if you're an animal-lover.

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