Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's time to Fly Away

Basically, I think it was getting too stressful sticking around working, and my last holiday was in December (trips to Malaysia don't count!) So I figured another holiday was due.

My Aunt had this offer for a new resort in Phuket called West Sands so I took it up, got my tickets on Tiger Airways and came here!

There wasn't much time to plan anything and I've been here before so I kinda knew what're the things I want to do.

First stop: Get a motorcycle!
There was a little hut right outside the hotel that had a sign saying "motorcycle for rent" so i bargained with him. I think he thought we were rich because we were staying here and gave us a whopping price of 350 a day! Last time i think it was only 150 or so. We settled settled for 800 for three days. And vroom vroom!

Next Stop: Weekend market!
I forgot that they only open at 5 so we ended up shopping around Central Festival for the first half of the day. Which was tiring because I think I got heatstroke from riding in the scorching sun. I didn't wear a jacket because..... I forgot to bring it. So I've got a singlet and shorts tan now.

After lunch at Central, we headed to Premium Outlet, where they supposedly sell highly discounted brands. Something like Harbourtown in Perth. BUT we were disappointed to find that there really wasn't much discount after all. Of course they do have some brands that we dont get in Singapore so I did get some stuff and then we went on our way.

Finally, the market! Some shops were still opening as we made our way around but once again I was dissapointed to find that there wasn't much to buy. They certainly do sell tons of stuff ranging from food, tshirts, bags, even to motorcycle parts! But maybe I was too tired to focus my energy unto shopping and shopping. After all I've already been walking around all day. And riding in the merciless sun!

So we headed to the supermarket The Big C, after that in an attempt to buy our own food to cook, coz we've got a kitchen in our suite. Eventually settled for some very-easy-to-cook stuff like sausages and fishballs...

And back to the resort we went. Needless to say, I fell asleep the minute I hit the bed.

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