Friday, January 21, 2011

Saturday saturday

Well, happy new year everyone!!! I haven't had the chance to send out my season's greetings to all and this comes a tad late, but yknow what they say! Better late than never! ;)

So just a quick update, last you heard from me I was on holiday and now I'm back so am trying to sort my life and work schedules out! Also, my mommy dearest's 60th birthday is coming and I'd like to make her a little video with all her siblings in it to wish her a happy birthday! I'm ok with video editing but I really really do not know how to covert video file types!!! So if anyone can help me out here, please do! I'll be eternally grateful!

Next thing is that I'll be performing today at SCAPE, next to cineleisure. It's a short skit about family and dating violence so if you'd like to see me abused, do drop by at 3.15pm.

A new year always does this to me. Makes me think that I've still got a whole year ahead so I can just procrastinate and before I know it, June is here!!! Let's not do that this year ok, Joanne? ;)

With my new iphone and all those useful apps I've downloaded, I'll be able to blog and post photos wherever i am so keep posted cos you'll certainly be hearing more of me!

Off to a more productive...January (let's not get too ambitious) and beyond!!!!!!

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