Friday, January 28, 2011

My Husband So Hamsome!

I went to catch The Green Hornet last night, and not only did I get a free movie, I also had free pizza! It was part of Domino's Green Hornet promotions, so anyway, the pizza was good (duh, it's Domino's). Only thing was that they were giving the pizzas out in slices. This did not work for me. I eat my pizza WHOLE.

Well, everybody else seemed happy nibbling on their slices, so I didn't want to 'be rude' and take everything, so yea. I stopped at two.

And went home and ordered another regular pizza. I've an outlet nearby my house so they're really fast! In fact, they have a half-hour rule. If they take more than half an hour, your pizza is free. Really! I time them. There was once they took 45minutes, and the delivery guy happily gave me my pizza free. AND he gave me a voucher for my next order to include a Free Regular Pizza as well!

How awesome is that! Talk about service with standard.

Ok, so anyway, "Want to see something cool?" 

Go see the Green Hornet, it stars My Husband, Jay Chou, and my wife, Cameron Diaz. So it HAS to be good, right? Well, I didn't know what to expect from this movie before I watched it. I hadn't seen the trailer yet, and I hadn't read anything about it. I only know that Edison Chen tried out for the role too but lost it to My Husband.

Actually, I thought that it'll be another one of 'em typical movies where the chinese guy plays the tiny supporting role, speaks very little, is normally expressionless but kicks ass, and the angmoh guy is the cool, funny one... ... wait a minute, it IS one of those movies. But it was anything but typical.

I got this picture off the web. Don't ask me why it's Stephen Chou's face there...

In fact, Seth Rogen's character Britt Reid was not cool and funny. He was stupid and annoying, but endearing. (Yes, I don't know how that works either but it did.) Okay, okay he WAS funny. He was hilarious! But what less do you expect from someone who's been in movies like Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Pineapple Express?

And the show was so damn funny, I was laughing through most of it. Maybe it's because the characters weren't the typical types of SuperHeroes. Well actually, they weren't very SuperHeroey at all. More like two boys out to have some fun.

The Villain (played by Christoph Waltz, from Inglourious Basterds) wasn't all that villainous either. He was actually kinda funny.

And My Husband (played by Jay Chou, from Initial D fame)? Well, I think he did an awesome job! His character was actually interesting, and far from the chinese ass-kicking stereotype. So he spoke more than the usual "chinese guy", and whaddya know, he did have expression on his face from time to time!

As for My Wife (Cameron Diaz, no less), needless to say, the screen lights up whenever she enters the scene. So gorgeous... ... y'know I've always wondered, how is it possible for anyone to be Gorgeous, Funny, Goofy and Over The Top and SO SO Adorable at one time? How?

Well, catch the movie, it's worth a watch. (Maybe a Rolex, or a Raymond Weil...)

My Rating: Five out of Five! I like movies that give me a good time.

I got this bit of info off Wikipedia. 
"Specifically, in and up to 1939, in the series' opening narration, Kato was called Britt Reid's "Japanese valet" and from 1940 to '45 he was Reid's "faithful valet." However, by at least the June 1941 episode "Walkout for Profit," about 14 minutes into the episode, Reid specifically noted Kato having a Philippine origin and thus he became Reid's "Filipino valet" as of that point. When the characters were used in the first of a pair of movie serials, the producers had Kato's nationality given as Korean." And in the 2011 version, he's from Shanghai.
Get it right, guys! Asians are not 'all the same'!

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