Saturday, October 2, 2010

Audition Blues

I went for an audition just about two days ago, and it was unbelievable. I called up beforehand 'coz we were supposed to book timeslots, but when I arrived, there were so many people there that all I could do was to join the queue.

During my two hour wait, I made friends with this girl who went by the name of Addeva. So nice right? I thought that it was such a nice name! It's supposed to mean 'pleasant', and pleasant she was. 

She told me about how she's a hospitality student, and how much she enjoyed the service line because she gets to meet many people and that she liked to make people happy. I thought, well, there's one young mature Singaporean! Then, she told me about how she went for the recent SQ interview and didn't make it through the last round. 

Now, that left me with something to say. There she was, this pretty girl, with a great personality to boot, and she didn't make the cut to be a Singapore Girl?? 
She showed me the scars she had on her wrist. 

I wanted to tell her, whatever bad may happen, it will all go by in the end. We just have to wait it out, or do something to make things better. But then, I had a feeling she already knew that. And I don't think she needed to hear it again.
So I told her that she should try again. These scars shouldn't hold her back from the great career that she may have. And anyway, the uniform is long sleeved and will cover it what! Then, I told her about how my mother went for the interviews a gazillion times and even though she kept gettin rejected, she continued to try. And eventually, got the job.

She wasn't sure. 
But then, much later in the conversation (I reckon she was thinking about what I said), she told me "yea. I'm still young. I should just try again. I can always put make-up or something or try to remove the scars."

Then I told her about this scar removal plaster thing which I saw in Guardian before, and then I told her about how there are other airlines which she can try out for as well, and she definitely shouldn't give up on something that she really wants to do.

She agreed.
So, even though I went for a wasted audition (because by the time it was my turn I was already so sian from waiting I don't think I did well), I got to make friends with an awesome  girl who helped me to see how great life is just because we're living it.

Addeva, I hope your dreams come true. SQ, you're missing out on this one if you don't hire her!

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