Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bird Calls

The weather has been so hot lately that I haven't had the mood to do anything. No, really, Not Anything At All. Ok, other than sleeping. It's just that the heat gets to your head, and then makes you very drowsy. And also, I think my scalp is sunburnt. It hurts!

Anyway, I'm at home now, gearing myself up for a nap, and then... suddenly, this bird starts to call.

It's THAT bird. You would know it. It makes this "uoh~uooh" sound. And it calls like at Every Blinkin' Hour of The Day. I'm not joking. I've been on shoot in the middle of the night, like 2 or 3 am, and then this bird will just start making noise. Then we have to stop, because it's bad for sound.

And I just searched online to find out what bird it is, but the search engine is not understanding what I'm trying to look for. It keeps saying "no results found for uoh~uoooh bird". Bleaurgh.

Ok whatever.

Speaking of whatever, I did a show today and because one of the actors couldn't make it, we had a stand-in actor. And I don't know why, at the end of the show she was SO angry. Because there was supposed to be a curtain call, but I think she didn't know so she went offstage. I told her it was ok because overall, everything else was ok and generally a good show, but she was really mad and started to slam stuff around and all.

So scary. I've never done a school show where actors started going psycho on each other backstage.

Anyways, I am, by nature, a very opinionated person, but years have taught me it's best to sometimes (most of the time) keep my tongue in check. If I was mad about something, I should take a deep breath and turn away. When I come back later, it won't matter anymore, and everything will be ok again. I guess it's not always easy to do that, but although it's tough at first, at the end of the day it's a lot easier to live and let live than to bear a grudge. Imagine, if you want to bear a grudge you'll have to keep a close account on all things said and done, and hello, I already got short-term memory already lor. Better to just forget.

But I say only. Whether or not really can do, is another story. But brownie points for trying? :)

Well, whatever it is, I hope that people could let themselves be happy. Don't you think the world would be so much a better place if we could all just smile? I think it's proven for a fact that when you smile, your spirits are lifted. Even if it's a forced smile, hold it there long enough, and you'll feel better. And I think we're all deserving of that little bit of sunshine.

'nuff said. Doo-doo time. G'night, my lovelies.


Goldfish Uncle said...

It's the bird from Murakami's Wind-up Bird Chronicles! Uoh-Uoooh~~

Joanne-Marie said...

Goldfish Uncle, Really??? How do you know what sound it makes from reading it in a book? You must have a very vivid imagination...

*..xq..* said...

last time my old flat had alot of "ohhh ohh" birdies in the surroundings..i used to imitate them! haha my mum told me they're mynahs...but not sure how accurate that is!