Thursday, March 18, 2010

My 101 Small Pleasures

I just read an article about 101 small pleasures one can enjoy everyday and I decided to have a list of my own! I don't know if I can think of all 101 now... But I'll try.

1. Richie
2. Bubble Tea
3. Strawberries
4. Sitting by the beach
5. Finding something that I thought I had lost for good
6. Awesome strawberry ice-cream
7. A nice melody in my head
8. A sweet poem
9. The smell of freshly-shampooed hair
10. The smell of home-made dinner (especially fried fish!) being prepared in the evening
11. The wind blowing in my hair
12. An empty road
13. Arhuart
14. Babies holding unto my finger
15. Road Courtesy
16. Parking illegally and not getting a fine (heehee)
17. The Annoying Orange
18. Hand-written letters from Nikki
19. Having a good poo
20. Watching Richie have a good poo
21. A good TV Commercial
22. Daddy
23. Gossiping with Mommy
24. Sharing a lame joke with my Brother Dearest and watching him think about it for 5 minutes before actually getting it.
25. Making good, chunky spaghetti.

OK, I'm One-Quarter on my way to finishing! I will fill up as more ideas come along.

In the meantime, feel free to share!

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