Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows!

So I've been instructed by my Dearest Darling One & Only Arhuart to blog about him. So here goes!

Arhuart is my bestest and only friend (well, from my class at least) from when I was studying back in NAFA. And the story is long and long on how he came to be one of my dearest friends.

It all started back in...*dreamy music plays*

You Didn't Think I Was Seriously Going To Start Typing Out The WHOLE STORY, Did You?

Anyhoos, most memorable moments with Arhuart:

1. Lecture Hall! He shows me one of the poems he has written. I am impressed. We spend the rest of the year giving each other topics to write about every lecture. So while the teacher is going on and on about Principles of Management, we take off to dreamland, scribbling random stories and poems about anything at all.

2. Cookies! He BAKES REALLY GOOD COOKIES! But my stupid classmates are greedy pigs and before I could get my share, they were all in their stomachs. Okay fine, they left me ONE.

3. Shopping! "I don't feel like going for class..." "Neither do I..." "Shopping?" "OK!!!"

4. Notes of Confidence! I used to be really angsty. I think without Arhuart, I would never have made it through my first year of tertiary education. Sadly, he left NAFA, after that first fateful year. Nevertheless, he's taught me much about life and how to let some things go, and how some things really shouldn't matter at all. When I see all the leaps and jumps he takes with his life, I know that there'll always be someone on the other side to hold his hand out and help me over when I'm ready for my jump.

Teardrop yet, Huatster?

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