Friday, February 19, 2010

Joanne Would Like To Believe...

...that only people of intellect would read and enjoy her blog. So if you're clever and you know it, Raise Your Hand!

Hahahaha! So you got all your colleagues staring at you now huh? 'Coz you just raised your hand right in the middle of the office! Oh, what am I talking about, it's Friday Night!

Anyhooies, lack of sleep lack of sleep lack of sleep. But I'd like to let you in on a little bit. Another Double Dose. Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta 2010!

I'm on 'Maybe She Loves Everyone' by Wesley Leon Aroozoo, and 'Beam' by Lee Chee Tian (this one you gotta hang on 'til the end!)

So please, do vote! I enjoyed working on both sets very much and they're really different, so you choose.

Hell, vote for Both!

ZzzzZzzzZzzzzz (yes, she fell asleep.)

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