Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bullies and Blind Dates

I am upset that bullies exist. I am also upset that some people don't know how to stand up to bullies, thus instigating them to bully more. And what is most upsetting is that some people never grow out of it. Society is full of them, and some of them go on to having roles in society that actually matter, and pass the 'bullying buck' to the younger generation.

I wish people cared more about what they said. That they'd bear some responsibility for their words and actions.

I was witness to a group of students who were accusing their classmate (a new student in their school) of molestation. Did they not realize that they were actually accusing him of a punishable criminal act? And all they were told was to "just ignore him and leave him alone"?

To me, it didn't make any sense at all. If he truly did molest a girl, he should be punished for it. Such behaviour should NOT be tolerated, especially not on school grounds. If he didn't, I think the students responsible for spreading such rumours should be firmly told that they can't shoot their mouths off like that. Consequences, children, CONSEQUENCES!

Unfortunately, I didn't stick around long enough to see how the school handled the matter. I sure hope the teacher-in-charge thinks the same way I do.

And. It really sucks to see things like this happen, and you can't do anything to help the situation.

As for Blind Dates (and to end off on a more positive note)... no, I didn't go on one, but I'm planning to PLAN ONE! Not for me, of course. For my friend, but my-oh-my, it's REALLY EXCITING~! I can't wait!!!

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