Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh, So Horrible!

I went jamming today, and am starting to get used to the idea of having to pay money to 'work'. Just look at it as Karaoke Session, I guess?

So anyhoos, we have changed our bandname for the millionth time and now it is... I don't even know what the band name is anymore, but we had a good meeting and sort of have come to a consensus of what we should sound like, what we would play.

And while in church with FBM Derek, a revelation came upon me that we should do something for the community, and I thought, maybe we could go perform in homes and stuff.

So I come home very excited, and share with Daddy my revelationious idea and you know what he says?

He says, "yea, that's a Great Idea! The kids will be too young to understand that you sound horrible, and the old people will be too deaf to hear!"

tsktsktsk. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy...

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