Monday, September 28, 2009

Malaysia Truly Asia!

And I just got back from KL. Well, I got back yesterday, but I felt so horrible and couldn't get out of bed. I think it was the extremely long coach ride. Whoever says a coach ride to KL only takes 4 hours is LYING! Mine took ALL of SEVEN!
But anyhoos, it was an experience. Check out my pictures!!!

Trying to find the main door to the hotel. I stayed in Chinatown and the streets there are blocked off to traffic because of the tons of little stalls selling shoes, bags, and other knick-knacks. I was in the back street being a BackStreet Girl, that's why you don't see the stalls.

Getting interviewed on the street by the local newspaper. I actually appeared on the papers the next day! But it was just a teeny little column. I shall scan it and post it up when I can.

Trying to tahan the VERY SUPER DUPER TICKLISH little fishies gnawing between my toes. I felt like I was 'giving back' to nature. Very nirvanaising.
And as always, trying very hard to look good, calm and contained despite all circumstances.

And of course, the mandatory picture with the local cops.
Well, that's about all the photos I have for the first day. More tomorrow!


SilentZephyr said...

Waaaitaminute. Those aren't OFFICIAL official cops things, more like voluntary civil paramilitary... thingy...

JOANNE P said...

Hey, that top looks familiar ahhhh!!!! :) You actually wore it! Hiiiiii!!

Anonymous said...

May I know where did you get that top?

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Silent, are you KIDDING me?!?! Damnit. Now I have to go to Malaysia AGAIN to find a REAL COP to get a photo. tsk.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Other Joanne, yea! I do wear it! It's damn cute! You mean you ditched yours?!