Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hobbies are Expensive!

Ok we all know how I believe in doing what I love, right? And that I advocate all people to do something that they Want to do, as opposed to Have to do!

Here's one more reason why.

When you work for money, you will need your 'secret life' (hobby) to give you joy and happiness.

As we all know, hobbies = money.

Face it! You have to pay for jamming studio if you like music, you have to pay for camera and lenses if you like photography, you have to pay for fishing rod and bait and whatever else if you like fishing, etc.

Then, in the end, all the money that you earn from work will be spent on the hobby! Which you wish was work, and you devote so much time to it, that before you even know it, you're 50 and greying!

And now you don't have the time to fulfil your lifelong dream because you have to look after the grandkids, or you're too old for it already.


Well, since we're on the topic. The joke of the day is: what does life and a vacuum cleaner have in common?

Answer: They both suck! haha. (But I certainly hope it's not true!)

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