Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's Do The Blog Again!

Hello hello hello!!!

Spirits are high and glum is low.
Joanne is here to do a show.
Ask me what show and I'll say "don't know".
Nothing else rhymes so let's Go Go GO!

Ohmygawd so lame.

I've been working on my jokes! So quick!
Ask me to tell you a joke!!!

Ahahahahah okok la, I know all of ya'll itchy backside, just dying for a joke out of me, so
here's one:

"How do you make a bimbo laugh on a Monday Morning?"


SilentZephyr said...

Stalking your blog, as promised ;)

So, how DO you make a bimbo laugh on a Monday morning?

Jo said...

read next post to find out! :P