Saturday, November 29, 2008


Note: No human intervention was involved in the taking of this picture or all other pictures of Richie caught being ... Richie. (other than clicking on the shutter)

Gosh, it's been 5 days and I still haven't written anything new! And cool. I have a regular reader in Criminal Mind. haha *wave*

Anyhoos. Let's see. The past five days have seen me busy
  1. Making soup
  2. Making soup
  3. Making soup
  4. Forgetting to take pictures of my soup to show off on my blog
  5. Making soup
I believe I can now say that "I can cook!"

I think because of Richie's operation, I've been wanting to come home every day right after I finish running my errands just so I can keep him company. And just 'coz I'm rushing home every day, and after I get home I don't feel like going out anymore, I cook! Well, I need to eat right?

If only Richie could drink my soup.

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