Friday, November 21, 2008

20th November - A Day To Remember

Richie got his balls cut off. Here's a picture.

Yeap! Those are his jewels. The bigger one's the one on the outside, and the smaller one's the one that got stuck in his thigh.

I must say, he was very brave on D-Day and he's recovering superly-duperly well. It was just two days ago, and he's completely back to normal now!

On the day of the op, he actually hopped right up after the anaesthetic wore out. Nikki says 'coz some dogs are just like that. Sedatives and anaesthetic have a mild effect on them 'coz they're so crazy and hyper. heheh. I'm glad Richie's such a toughie.

When we got back, my ego-centric MCP neighbour made fun of Richie, calling him eunuch and all. I told him to go get his balls cut off and then talk. *Eye-roll* Men.

Anyhoos, Richie's on the road to recovery and he's got antibiotics, which he eats willingly! (Ok, not so willingly, but I tell him he has to eat it to get his treat, and he eats it!)Obviously, the op did him good! Obviously, ballicles make one stupid. heehee.

Okay la, I'm gonna stop taking jabs at the less superior gender (oops, did I do it again?) and go play with Richie now! :P

Oh yes, just a pointer, I got the op (and also scaling and polishing of his teeth) done at Mt. Pleasant (Clementi - Sunset Way) and they are very good. If you need to get recommendations for a good doggy clinic, I'd recommend this one. His teeth are so white and bright and blingbling now! Best part, no more smelly breath!

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